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Domainfest, Cyberport, and the wonder of Choy Sum

  Coreile Letter by Kassey Lee July 20, 2016 (Wed) When I was studying in the lone star state, one spring break we decided to visit Mexico. Two boys, two girls, a beat-up car, and little money. Mosquito attack made camping on beaches unbearable. While in Mexico, we could afford only a small hotel room with only one bed, so two girls shared the same bed and boys slept on the floor. Water guns, pillow fight, and lots of silly games, but the s word never came up. This happy time always remains in my memory. Here’s the post. Domainfest, Cyberport, and the wonder of Choy Sum I listened to the interview of Jothan Frakes on yesterday. When Jothan mentioned the upcoming Domainfest to be held in Cyberport, suddenly an old memory returned to me. In my teenage years, I lived in a public housing estate situated next to what is called Cyberport nowadays. Back then, it was not a port and it had nothing to do with cyber space. There was a lot of space though, but mostly unused or for small farming only, if my memory is still serving me well. In the summer, my father would wake me up at 5 am to walk a short distance to the sea. We swam for an hour as a morning exercise even though I would rather spend...

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