DOMAINfest will have exciting and robust content updated soon for the agenda.

The content will be designed around the subject matter leaders and is intended to ensure there is value to attending beyond just the value of face to face networking.

The audience will be varied, from the East and the West and everywhere in between, and attendees will range from seasoned veterans to fresh beginners who are just learning or exploring the great world of domain names.    Content will focus on: Domain Names, Investment Opportunity, Valuation and Appraisal, Negotiation,  Selling, Buying, Escrow, Startups, Naming, Digital Branding, Social Media, Registry Operations, Registrars, Legal Matters, Policy and Regulation, ccTLDs, New TLDs, Local and Global Opportunity, and more.

We have added multiple auctions, a digital brand seminar. a startup and hackathon, and some amazing speakers.  Here is our current (and updating) agenda:

DOMAINfest @IoN.Asia 2016 Schedule